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Double R Ranch is an exceptional quality premium beef brand from the heart of the Northwest. While not all cattle originate from the ranch, the Double R Ranch is the “heart and soul” of the brand. Double R Ranch Northwest Beef represents the vision of Robert Rebholtz, Sr. and his dream to produce the highest quality meat products in the Northwest. Beginning as ranchers themselves, the Rebholtz family takes great pride in leading by example when raising the cattle that ultimately carry the Double R Ranch brand name. Agri Beef seeks out farmers and ranchers that share the same pride and commitment to their livestock and to their way of life as Robert Rebholtz, Sr. did. They are focused on producing the highest quality beef for your enjoyment.

What does this mean? Only premium beef that meets exacting criteria carries the Double R Ranch brand name. Double R Ranch Northwest Beef is hand sorted and includes only USDA “Choice” quality grade and higher. It is the premier beef brand in the Northwest.
Double R Ranch "Signature" beef includes only the top 1/3 of USDA Choice Grade beef marbling scores. It is the highest quality USDA approved "Choice" beef program in the nation.
Serving only the finest Northwest Beef
We are proud to serve USDA Choice beef grown entirely in the Northwest by Double Ranch, a family-owned company.

Double R Ranch beef is raised entirely on all-natural feed and has won worldwide awards for its superior quality and sustainable resource management.

We invite you to enjoy a Double R Ranch steak cooked to your specifications!
•Locally-owned, family-owned beef raised on
   the highest quality natural grain

•Source-certified and cut in the Northwest
   under the supervision of the USDA at
   Fulton Provision Company

•Exacting standards for grade, marbling, and
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